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Published on January 18, 2013 under Born To Ride

Check Books and Budgets

A couple of days ago I watched my wife go through banks statements and our checkbook to make sure they were in agreement and balanced. As a young married couple my wife was more than happy to explain the ‘facts of life’ to me regarding a budget and balancing check books. Thankfully, I understood the process and we have a couple of dollars to the good.


If you’re wondering where this is going, here it is. The Federal Budget, which has not been passed in over three years—even though it is mandated by law.


First of all, if at all possible, I would be putting those in Congress in federal prison for not doing what they are charged with.


Secondly, I would want to know why they haven’t done it. Maybe it’s because it is a leverage tool in keeping their jobs in Washington.


Thirdly, I would want them to stop sending taxpayer monies to countries all over the world who do not like us and vote against us every time they have the opportunity. My Mother explained to me as a child: “You can’t buy friendships.” I guess those in leadership didn’t learn that as a child.


Economics 101 says, “Don’t spend more than you have and save as much as you can.” That is according to anyone with an ounce of common sense. After having written that last sentence, I see where the problem lies.


Okay Washington and those in charge here is the deal; we take in so much money (taxes, etc.) in which to operate our Republic. We have ‘X’ number of dollars which we spend annually. That cost factor should be LESS than what we take in. Get It? By the way, it doesn’t include a pay raise for the Vice President or members of Congress. If you do that, the budget should be balanced and we will have some money left for emergencies.


This BS about we are going over the cliff is due to you not doing what you swore to do when you took office.


I’m just willing to bet if you received raises on your ability to perform your jobs in Washington your next stop would be that of an unemployed ditch digger back in your home state.

I am for term limits on those in the House and Senate in Washington, along with a retirement equivalent to that of the average working stiff in the public sector. I’ll also throw in you will receive the same health care insurance as ‘We the People’ have available.


Believe me it’s not going to happen in our lifetime. We have mostly lawyers who have written themselves into a lifetime of ego, greed, and narcissist behavior.


Locally a Sheriff’s employee was investigated for taking six pieces of lighter knot from the Sheriff’s Office Farm and he was wrong for doing so.


Those in Congress (both houses) have and are raping the American taxpayers. Are they any different from anyone else? Why should they be any better than anyone else who manipulates and/or breaks the rules and laws for that matter?


Get it together people “We the People” are watching and quickly running out of patience.


Terry Longpre




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