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Give Back Ride Sunday, December 1

Published on December 4, 2012 under Born To Ride

Friends … we had a great ride Sunday to the Joshua House. The Joshua House is a Residential Care Facility for abused, abandoned, and neglected children removed from their homes by law enforcement for their safety. They remain at the Joshua House until the judicial system decides what to do. Some of the children will go home but many remain in foster care indefinitely.

As we arrived, we were greeted by many of the children as well as the local Corvette Club. We were given a tour of 1 of the 5 housing facilities recently remodeled by IKEA. The staff said the Boys Houses are much cleaner than the Girls Houses, but it didn’t take long for some of the girls to disagree. … We had a very special opportunity to speak very openly with 3 of the 36 child residents. These young ladies are mature before their years, having to grow up so fast due to the trauma they have experienced which is a testament to the resolve of children. One child shared with one of our guests that she had recently witnessed both her mother and father being killed in front of her.

The kids enjoyed the yard toys and all the candy we brought with us. We got to help the staff prepare lunch and helped serve the kids hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream. I wish we could have taken some pictures of the kids on the bikes and revving up those engines. One girl did not smile the entire time we were there until she got on the bike and was able to pull that THROTTLE back—all smiles after that! We did what we came to do, introducing a new group to a great cause and Giving Back to those needing it most.

The Friends “Give Back” Motorcycle/Car Ride will be an annual event on the first Sunday of each December. Mark your calendars now as you will not want to miss this. Special thanks to all who participated and your comments of hope and help for these kids and their future.

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