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Born To Ride Signs With the Most Advanced Event-driven Social Media Network Ever!

Published on December 11, 2012 under Born To Ride

Born To Ride Multi-Media continues to grow while exploring new ways to communicate with the motorcycle world and reach the masses. We are pleased to announce we have expanded our platform of social media communication and marketing have formed an alliance with UNATION – The events and branding network!

UNATION is a start-up with first everĀ event-drivenĀ social and branding network. They have worked hard to build a platform that not only caters to individuals, businesses, non-profits, and celebrities, but to everyone in between. UNATION, whose mission is to permanently change the way individuals, households and businesses connect with each other through the most advanced, event-driven social media network ever created, began their launch sequence on May 21, 2012.

What is UNATION? It’s your favorite TV show. It’s your fantasy football addiction. It’s your small business. It’s your company’s brand. It’s any and every part of your life that you want it to be. UNATION is everything that makes you U. UNATION is the most advanced social media network ever created. It has been created for businesses – “With UNATION’s Universal Network, you will have access to fully functioning advanced social media marketing tools, all in one place.”George Beardsley, co-founder, UNATION states, “In the fast paced media world, you need the flexibility to manage your targeted communications and brand image.” It has been created for YOU – “We live in times that are driven by information and connectivity,” states John Bartoletta, founder and chairman. “Unlike ever before, companies and individuals now have the opportunity to increase brand awareness and profitability, through the use, of a dynamic new digital exchange technology. We would like to introduce our technological platform that will revolutionize the way we communicate and live on a global scale.”

“We have taken the best aspects of social media, and merged them seamlessly with the most real and relevant content possible, events. We are excited about the structure of our platform, the strength of our partnerships, and the opportunities that this culmination creates. We look forward to growing with you in the near future! “Having worked with both companies, I believe this is a perfect business relationship. Born to Ride is the king of high quality motorcycle related events and media content. UNATION has been specifically designed to be the “best in class,” Event and Branding Network. Just take one look and you can see that UNATION has successfully provided BTR with the ultimate showcase for all of their premium content and an unmatched set of event management and communication tools! As a veteran motorcycle enthusiast, I have personally spent hours on BTR’s My Page at UNATION.COM, I invite you all to go take a look for yourself” Jody Clermont – VP of Operations.

“Ron and Deb are both amazing people. UNATION is extremely excited to be working with the Born To Ride Media organization. With over 100 past magazines and 17 years of video content from their weekly TV show, there is no doubt they are experts in their industry but are extremely successful in event promotion. They absolutely understand the value of helping businesses host events to engage with their current customers and to successfully attract new business. ” “With so many proven years of success in creating content for their magazine and television programs, UNATION is the perfect online tool solution for Born To Ride to post photos and videos of the hundreds of past events and to use as a powerful promotional tool for upcoming events. UNATION has authorized Born To Ride to be an Ambassador of UNATION and offer these same powerful tools to the businesses that they help.”

“Born To Ride and the businesses that advertise with them can now easily offer their customers the ability to subscribe to email notifications and be alerted to upcoming events that would be of interest to them. At any time it’s easy to go to UNATION and find events by location or date. UNATION also helps businesses “find new” business by targeting advertisements that are relevant to the viewer’s interest based on past event attendance or the types of events they are hosting.” Ty Ricker – VP of New Business Development.

Every moment of your life is an event, and each event present you with a unique opportunity to connect with the world in a meaningful and relevant way. UNATION offers you a chance to bring those connection to life. UNATION … It’s where you live!

“I’m very excited about our relationship with UNATION! They are a great company and the future of where we needed to be. Together we will raise the bar many notches. If your business is interested in UNATION, let me know because we are proud to be an ambassador for them!” – Ron Galletti, Owner of Born To Ride – (888) 795-5779.


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