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Military & Motorcycles – August 24, 2012

Published on August 24, 2012 under Born To Ride

The Cost of Voter Apathy

On August 14, 203, four hundred eighty-one registered voters in Manatee County had the freedom to make a difference in the electoral process. Sadly only 21.02% of them took advantage of the process. There are numerous reasons for such a dismal showing at the polls.


One being most people have become upset with the mudslinging which is worse this time than any time in our history. The mud is so deep at this point that a voter has to wear chest waders just to trudge to the polls.


Secondly is the vast amount of political ads on television, radio, newspapers and mailers.


As far as I am concerned this upcoming election is the most important of my lifetime.


I have to admit I am slanted in my thinking due to what I do on a yearly basis. I, along with a lot of good friends attend funerals for those who are currently or have served in the United States Military protecting our right to vote, among other freedoms we enjoy as American citizens.


I am not bragging about what I do. We just want to show honor and respect for those who have served to protect our freedoms, which hopefully will continue on for several hundred more years or so.


As I look at the rest of the world which is in shambles and what we have here as far as freedoms, we’re doing pretty darn good even though we have a questionable economy at this point.


In the other countries there is chaos, riots and military troops taking to the streets.


Calm and intelligent research is what is needed to make an educated decision in the upcoming election. The outcome shouldn’t be made on the colors of one’s skin or religious belief. Your decision should be made on fact not fiction. Study the candidates and see what they have successfully done in their careers.


The point of this column is to remind you of the real cost of OUR freedom to vote, the lives of our military personnel. If you don’t believe that, then stay home and don’t vote.


If you don’t feel your vote will make a difference, look at the recent County Commission race and then tell me it won’t.


There are people around this ‘Big Blue Marble’ we live on who would give their lives and many have just to be able to have the freedom to vote.


Don’t waste what our government has given us and people have died for, the right to vote.


As far as the voter purge question, most people have had amble time to get the documents required to vote. Also the issue of having an ID should not be an issue, its’ just an excuse.


If you have questions call the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections at (941) 741-3823.

If you would like to contact me please do so at and remember “It’s not about the war, it’s about the warriors.” God Bless America and those who serve in uniform.


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