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Memorial Day

Published on June 1, 2012 under Born To Ride

Memorial Day

Sunday I attended the Memorial Day Ceremony at Sarasota National Cemetery along with hundreds of others.

As I stood taking photos at the front of the tent I was able to watch crying family members of those who have been killed in action and are interred in the hallowed grounds of the cemetery.

As I listened to the speeches given by Governor Rick Scott (four years – US Navy) and Congressman Vern Buchanan (six years -Michigan Air National Guard) and others I begin to think of all those who are buried in National Cemeteries throughout the United States and cemeteries around the world having given their most precious possession, their lives for the freedoms we share.

In my mind I silently prayed for a point in time when we will be able to stop fighting and killing each other. But that is only in my mind and prayers. That time will never come as long as any two people have opposing thoughts and/or religious beliefs.

Fighting started when Cain killed his brother Able in biblical times. Since that time each passing decade produced losses to families due to warring factions of various diversities.

Once the ceremony was completed at Sarasota National I went home to change clothes and eat. I had one more stop for the day in Parrish.

The Parrish United Methodist Church had a Memorial Day Service which Sue and I attended, along with others who have served or are serving in the military. The service was very well structured and was very factual as far as the actual history of Memorial Day.

On Memorial Day (Monday) my intention was to again make my motorcycle run to the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell with 400 other motorcyclists.

Then along came a windy lady by the name of Beryl who moved into the Jacksonville area with expanding bands of high winds and rain. Riding a motorcycle is hazardous enough without adding those to the mix.

As always, I have a backup plan and this time it was to attend the Memorial Day Ceremony at Bradenton’s Veterans Park down by the hospital on the river.

I arrived a little early and was again able to speak with Congressman Buchanan and also County Commissioner Larry Bustle (26 years – US Air Force, retired as a Lt. Colonel after being shot down in Vietnam with a total of 130 combat missions).

The point I am trying to make is this. Maybe we should choose our friends by what they are willing to sacrifice to make this a better place to live. In the case of Governor Scott, Congressman Buchanan and Commissioner Bustle I was with a group of friends. I may not always agree with their decisions and/or politics, but I would be willing to trust them with my life. We are a Band of Brothers brought together by our military service, unlike a majority of those in Washington.

For those who have given their all I say “Stand down gallant soldiers (all military personnel); you have earned your peaceful rest.”

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