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Published on May 24, 2012 under Born To Ride

Phoenix Systems Offers a New Motorcycle Adapter Designed to Convert Their Line of Brake Bleeders

ST. GEORGE, Utah – Phoenix Systems offers a new Motorcycle Adapter designed to convert their line of Brake Bleeders into tools that can quickly and easily reverse and vacuum bleed hydraulic brake systems on motorcycles.

Featuring patented reverse bleeding technology, Phoenix Systems’ Brake Bleeders remove trapped air to create a firmer brake lever, increase braking power and responsiveness, and reduce vehicle stopping time.

“The Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeder is a revolutionary tool based on an incredibly obvious concept: air wants to go up. That’s it,” said Jon Petty, CEO of Phoenix Systems. “Traditional brake bleeding tools and techniques fight this principle. At Phoenix, we harness it so you can quickly remove all the air from the whole braking system. Simply inject brake fluid into the caliper and push the fluid and air up through the master cylinder and into the reservoir. Reverse bleeding is an idea so simple and obvious that most people ask, ‘Why didn’t anyone think of that before?'”

The Motorcycle Adapter works on all three Brake Bleeder tools from Phoenix Systems: MAXPRO, V-12 and V-12 DIY. The heavy duty MAXPRO(tm) Brake Bleeder is made from durable die-cast steel and aluminum and allows users to efficiently perform one-person brake service in as little as 10 minutes. The V-12 Brake Bleeder kit is an entry level bleeder designed for professionals and constructed from Zytel. Phoenix Systems’ V-12 DIY Brake Bleeder gives enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers professional brake and clutch bleeding at an affordable price.

To watch a detailed video on how to bleed motorcycle brakes, visit the Phoenix Systems YouTube page at

About Phoenix Systems
Founded in 1994, Phoenix Systems is committed to providing cutting-edge tools and technology for the automotive undercar industry. The company has pioneered many new technologies resulting in more than a dozen patents to change the way brake systems are serviced. BrakeStrip with FASCAR(r) copper testing technology is an industry leading brake fluid test. The company’s patented Reverse Bleeding Technology is available in a variety of brake bleeder systems used by both auto care professionals and do-it-yourselfers. For more information, write to 4012 S. River Rd. Ste. 4B, St. George, UT 84790; call 435.673.0777; or visit



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