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Published on April 27, 2012 under Born To Ride

A Gold Star Weekend

   Last Saturday Patriot Guard Ride Captain ‘Vinnie” Dryer, his  trusty companion and co-pilot Kristin Greenlund and I rode up to a very pretty and well maintained bed and breakfast in Ruskin called ‘Southern Comfort’.

We didn’t go for a meal or to stay the afternoon, no we went to meet with six Gold Star Mothers and their husbands who were on a retreat.

For those of you who may not know who the Gold Star Mothers are I’ll try to explain in my simple way.

The group is made up of mothers who have lost a son or daughter while serving in the military protecting the rest of us.

The Gold Star Mothers concept dates back to 1917 when a 23 year old by the name of George Vaughn Seibold entered World War I. His mother Grace Darling Seibold began volunteering visiting servicemen in the hospitals in and around Washington. After the realization her son had been killed she decided her volunteer work seemed to help her through her loss and grieving. She knew grief was a self-destructive force and would be counterproductive for her future as well as others in the same situation.

On June 4, 1928, twenty-five mothers met in Washington, DC to establish what is now known as the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

Since that humble beginning of one mother who had lost a son serving in the military the Gold Star Mothers organization has become a much larger entity.

One of the husbands said “We are a club, that nobody wants to belong to.” A truer statement was never made. I have heard over the years “Those who enter the military have signed a check up to and including the cost of their lives.” In the case of the Gold Star Mothers (and fathers) the check was cashed.

The last Sunday in September is known as “Gold Star Mother’s Day”. If you should happen to run into one of these deserving ladies or their husbands please thank them for their volunteer service and given them a shoulder to lean on if needed, they certainly deserve it.

If you have suffered a similar loss and are not part of this organization contact Toni Gross (President – Tampa Gulf Coast North Chapter) at Or you can contact American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. at 2128 Leroy Place, NW, Washington, DC 20008 (202-265-0991) or by Email at Website:

When nineteen motorcycles left the ‘Southern Comfort’ B&B, six Gold Star Mothers were sitting high on the bikes waving and smiling at people as we travelled to the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve with American Flags flying.

Ladies (and gentlemen) it was the Patriot Guard Riders extreme honor to be part of your weekend. Personally it was the highlight of my association while riding with the Patriot Guard Riders.

God Bless each and every one of the Gold Star Mothers and Fathers throughout the country, as well as all who serve to protect us in uniform.


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