Your Voice Matters: Haley Veterans’ Hospital Needs Traffic Signal

Published on May 11, 2017 under Born To Ride
Your Voice Matters: Haley Veterans’ Hospital Needs Traffic Signal

445+ Signers: Tampa Veterans’ Hospital – Remove the Danger


The James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa, Florida, is one of the finest VA hospitals in the nation. The hospital treats both veterans and active duty wounded and injured. University of South Florida (USF) Medical and Nursing Students train at this hospital, and the USF Medical Library is at the same intersection as this Veterans’ Hospital.


However, there is one major problem. The main entrance/exit to this hospital and the USF Medical Library Staff parking lot is at one of the most dysfunctional / potentially dangerous intersections in Tampa. Currently, there are no traffic signals. USF students are skate boarding across Bruce B. Downs Blvd at this intersection.  See petition signer comments #444, 410, 409, 352 & 312.


Urgently needed at this intersection are pedestrian crosswalks, turning lanes, modern street lights and smart traffic signals. The estimated cost is $1.5M.


Read more about this issue in a Tampa Bay Times article: You can help!


You can help expedite the improvements to this intersection by signing a Facebook GoPetition. Just go to


There are already over 440+ signers signing from Hawaii, CONUS, Guatemala, Guam and Australia, represented on the Facebook GoPetition map. You may also sign anonymously.


Signing the petition will only take a minute or two, but will make an enormous difference and could help save lives.


Thank you,


Robert F. Sawallesh