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Unspoken Responsibility by Nefarious James

Published on April 10, 2020 under Blog
Unspoken Responsibility by Nefarious James

First and foremost I am proud to be an American and an American citizen. That seems to be taken for granted by a lot of people out there but with that statement comes a lot of unspoken responsibility.

Our country and the world are currently going through life-changing, historical, times right now. We are shaping and molding a new image of the world we live in. I got to say this, and I’m putting it out there for the whole world to read, what the hell is wrong with a majority of the people living here?

We were a country made up of men with ideals and moral fiber to do what is right by those who needed guidance and wisdom. Words and deeds of men who lead us by their example and by the righteous deeds they exhibited. How are we to look at the world and hold our heads up high during this time of great need by those looking for a shred of hope?

Italy put its citizens on lockdown and what did the people do? To pass their time and ease their loneliness, they sung to one another from their balconies. What an incredible statement without the use of words.

Meanwhile, what did we do as Americans? We acted like buffoons and oversized spoiled children. We fought in grocery stores over toilet paper, milk and paper towels that we didn’t even own yet. We hoarded emergency supplies that less fortunate people, our neighbors and fellow countryman, could not find to just exist because others bought them up and price gouged those around them. Animals give more respect to their prey than we give to our own people. This is disgusting and absolutely shameful. The whole world is watching and these social scums let the world believe all Americans are like this. This is how they may remember us in history books. They watch it on youtube and laugh at the funny Americans. They laugh at us as a country and as a people for the actions of these low lives.

Sounds like a real bleak and horrific way for what was once considered by many to be the greatest country in the world.

Well, now my two cents. The United States of America, to me, is and always will be the greatest country in the world. I will not allow our government to change that. I will not allow people who don’t deserve to be citizens to change that. I won’t let politicians change that. YOU shouldn’t allow anyone to change that. We should all be making this country of ours the shining example it should be. It should be the example of hope, bravery, freedom, caring, giving and humanity. That example should not only be abroad but here in our country. If you’re not on board with this then get the hell out. Leave. We don’t have to be remembered as greedy, selfish, egotistical opportunists praying on the weak like pieces of crap. This is one of the greatest opportunities that have come along in decades. This is America’s chance to show the world why everyone wants to come to this country. We give out billions of foreign aid to everyone else in the world and now it’s time to take care of us. It is time for the citizens of this country to show their pride in our country and why hundreds of thousands of us have given our lives to defend it and our way of life. If you think I’ll sit here and allow the world to define MY country, better yet, OUR country by a roll of toilet paper, you’re out of your friggin mind. If you allow that to happen then you’re no better than what gets wiped on that paper.

Be American. Show your strength by showing your compassion to our people, our neighbors here in America. Show those MF’s we are the best there is and ever was. It’s up to you.

So how does this pertain to Bikers? That’s the easiest question you could ask me. You don’t get any more American or have a bigger heart than the American Biker. Step up and show us all what you got. Show the world. Be an American.

James “Nefarious” Gladstone

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